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Public Health Entrepreneurs: Those at the school whose public health inventions, programs, and solutions, increase public health value by taking those inventions to scale and extending their impact.

Commercialization may not be for everyone. For those it suits, Carolina has help available.


  • Innovate @ Carolina:
    • The Chancellor’s Office of Innovation and Entrepreneurship strengthens UNC’s entrepreneurship ecosystem to meet the needs of faculty, students, staff, and community members who translate their novel ideas into practical benefit and change the world.
  • Gillings School of Global Public Health Success Stories — students and faculty on the move!
  • Attention Inventors
    • In March 2013, the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act (AIA) changed the process for obtaining a patent. The US changed from a First to Invent to a First to File system.


Innovation resources at the Gillings School of Global Public Health

Don Holzworth, MS, is the Gillings Executive in Residence. Drawing from his extensive experience in founding and nurturing

start-ups and building them into global enterprises, Mr. Holzworth is able to offer the School’s entrepreneurs guidance on the many challenges and rewards that await them in taking their product or service to market.

Mr. Holzworth is the chair of the School’s Advisory Council and a member of the Chancellor’s Innovation Circle and the Commercialization Task Force at UNC-CH. He founded Constella Group, LLC and was co-founder of Expression Analysis, Inc. and Veritas Collaborative, LLC.
Schedule an appointment with Mr. Holzworth by calling 919.843.3945

Are you a Gillings School of Global Public Health entrepreneur? Interested in becoming one? Tell us your story at 919.843.3945 or

In 2007, Dennis Gillings and Joan Gillings made a $50 million pledge to the school of public health because of the school’s excellent and entrepreneurial track record in research, teaching, and practice. More information about programs funded by the gift is found here.

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Last updated April 30, 2013