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Julie P. MacMillan, MPH
Managing Director
104-D Rosenau Hall 135 Dauer Drive
CB# 7415
Phone: 919-843-3952

Directs Research and Innovation Solutions which encompasses three complementary enterprises:
program funded by the Gillings gift (including Gillings Innovation Labs),
research support services, and
promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship at the school.

Sandra Martin, PhD
Associate Dean for Research
425 Rosenau Hall CB# 7445
Phone: 919-966-5973

Represents the School’s research interests to entities within the School, the University and larger community Promotes awareness of important research information within the School Oversees documentation and analysis of the School’s research related activities Leads the School’s Research Council in oversight of policy development and awareness Facilitates endeavors to increase research funding and collaboration

Christin Daniels, MA
Director of Research
104-B Rosenau Hall CB# 7415
Phone: 919-966-0123

Reports on research grant and contract productivity, faculty expertise and capabilities Works to increase funding and visibility of the School’s research activities Helps to develop and implement research information systems, such as REACH NC, RAMSeS, Curvita Profile Management and the School’s map visualization tool Manages the School’s Conflict of Interest Committee

Dixon McKay, J.D.
Research and Innovation Solutions Coordinator
104 Rosenau Hall
Phone: 919-962-2689

Coordinates the School’s innovation and entrepreneurship initiatives
Provides logistical support for programs managed by Gillings Gift

Josh Lucas
Legal Research Assistant
104 Rosenau Hall

Legal Research & Analysis
Administration Research & Development
Web & Communications Design
Content Creation

Elisia Black Administrative Assistant 104 Rosenau Hall 135 Dauer Drive CB #7415 919-843-3945

Oversees RIS day-to-day functions – implements office protocols; provides executive staff support; establishes and maintains tracking system for actions, communications and documents; schedules and plans meetings; maintains RIS calendar Provides support for correspondence