About us

GGG_slideshow_priorities-400The Research and Innovation Solutions team is a catalyst for public health solutions at the Gillings School of Global Public Health.

Serving all departments and programs at the School, we work to accelerate solutions, both globally and locally, across our three main areas of focus: research, innovation and entrepreneurship, andprograms funded by the Gillings Gift.

Research: We are an engine of growth for the research enterprise at the Gillings School of Global Public Health. Our team engages trailblazers exploring cutting edge solutions to build lasting partnerships across campus and the world. By engaging in a variety of aspects of research at the School, we are able to communicate success stories, ensure the integrity of research enterprise, and provide knowledge support to researchers and the public at large.

will_vizuete_march_1_webInnovation and Entrepreneurship: We outfit the School’s entrepreneurs with tools necessary for success by promoting, advising, guiding, and funding. Seeking out and nurturing practical solutions to big problems, our group provides concierge services for the School’s entrepreneurs, helping them navigate the campus entrepreneurship ecosystem. So far, three companies that received consultation and funding by our group have moved from the halls of the School to the world at large, securing outside funding and intellectual property rights.

Gillings Gift: We administer the funds of the 2007 $50 million pledge to the school of public health by Dennis and Joan Gillings. The Gillings Gift allows the school to make targeted investments in cutting edge public health projects.  Marshalling the assets wisely, while accepting more risk than many traditional funders do, has led to groundbreaking work by the School’s faculty, students, and staff. One project funded by the Gift, Gillings Innovation Labs, has produced three new businesses and more than $30 million in additional research funding.