Finding free and copyright-free images


Use the Search box to search for keywords, then choose Flickr to see the results.

I prefer Flickr because it’s easier to find the Creative Commons License, always near the bottom right of the page (see example).

Click on the license to see if there are any restrictions.

Sometimes you are not allowed to “remix” the photo. That means no cropping, color-adjusting, etc.

Nearly always you are required to attribute the photo (give credit) to the owner/photographer.

2. At, you can also click on Wikimedia Commons, or you can go directly to Wikimedia Commons at I find it easiest to click on “Images” and then use the search box. Again, check the results page for any licensing restrictions.

3. You also can get images at federal government websites, like or, but look carefully on the Web page to be sure the image does not have a photo credit, copyright symbol or watermark. This indicates ownership by someone other than the federal government and thus, you cannot use the photo legally. If you search Google Images with keyword, you also must check to be sure the image is on a U.S. website and not a state, local or international government website.

4. Check with Linda Kastleman in our office for School-owned, School-specific photos. We have thousands.