Gillings School Facts and Figures

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All statistics are updated for 2017-2018, unless otherwise noted.


The School was founded in 1940 as the fourth school of public health in the U.S. and the first at a state university.


First among schools of public health at public universities by U.S. News & World Report (ranked in 2015 for the 2016 edition). Tied for second among all schools of public health. [See more national rankings.]


It is one of 64 schools and 116 programs of public health in the United States, Puerto Rico and Mexico that are accredited by the Council on Education for Public Health.

Strategic Themes

Deliver Proven Solutions Faster – Implementation Science

Healthy People, Healthy Planet

Promote Health, Prevent Disease and Improve Care for All

Harness Big Data for Health and Well-being

School funding

$118.3 million (fiscal year 2017)
About 22% from state funds

Number of research awards per year

406 (FY17)

Total grants and contracts awarded to School faculty

$209.6 million (FY17)

Average external funding per tenure/tenure-track faculty member

$1.5 million (FY16)

Full-time faculty members


Full-time staff members


Student enrollment

Includes online education students and those enrolled in certificate programs

Student demographics
(fall 2017)

67% N.C. residents
11% international students
35% minorities
17% online learners

Graduating students per year


Graduates with jobs or continuing education

99% (2017)

Number of N.C. counties in which we work

All 100

Number of countries in which we work


Number of continents in which we work


Credit hours taught in previous academic year


In-state tuition

$12,790–$18,290 per year for a full-time graduate student in 2017-2018.

Out-of-state tuition

$29,244–$34,744 per year for a full-time graduate student in 2017-2018.