Academic Programs Committee (APC)

Through the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, the Academic Programs Committee (APC) advises the Dean on all Academic matters. It also acts as a liaison between the School of Public Health and the Graduate School. The Associate Dean is the chair of the committee and representatives from each department are selected by the chair of that department in consultation with the Associate Dean. Two student representatives are selected from the student organizations in the School. View the newly revised, detailed Charge and Responsibilities of the Academic Programs Committee here.


 2015-16 academic year representatives:

  • NUTR – Melinda Beck, PhD
  • MCH – Sherri Green, PhD
  • EPID – Steve Meshnick, PhD
  • HB – Suzanne Maman, PhD
  • HPM – John Paul, PhD
  • BIOS – Jane Monaco, DrPH
  • PHLP – Susan Randolph, MSN
  • ESE – Jill Stewart, PhD
  • HPM graduate student – Melanie Studer, MHSA
  • Curriculum – Jennifer Elliott, PhD
  • Chair – Laura Linnan, ScD

Current efforts to innovate teaching:

SPH2020 was developed in 2011 in an effort to innovate teaching for the next decade. Activities under this action plan include enhancing teaching and learning applications: identifying, encouraging and rewarding high-quality teaching; and redesigning workspaces.

School events held to highlight teaching innovations include several Celebrate Teaching events.

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