Dean's Message

Dr. Barbara K. Rimer

Dr. Barbara K. Rimer

We’re passionate about our mission: to improve public health, promote individual well-being and eliminate health disparities across North Carolina and around the world. We anticipate future health threats and challenges and accelerate improved public health solutions. Our view of public health is broad, diverse and inclusive in disciplines, people and perspectives. Read our diversity statement. We are committed to outstanding teaching, research, scholarship, practice and bridging the gap between academic research and practical public health solutions. We’ve earned our ranking as the top public school of public health, and we are committed to earning it – every day!

What’s so great about our School? We are…

  • Outstanding departments embedded within a School that is collaborative and discipline-spanning
  • Collegial, nurturing and supportive, accessible faculty and staff
  • Valuing people and communities
  • Strong in teaching, research and practice
  • Balancing leading-edge research with an emphasis on engaged, informed, community-based practice
  • Committed to reducing health problems of diverse populations
  • Forging local roots, global impact
  • Innovating in North Carolina and around the world
  • Conducting research that spans from state-of-the-art laboratories to clinics and communities around the world
  • Making a difference by implementing evidence-based programs and policies

Our accomplished faculty members are…

  • Some of the most talented teachers, researchers and scholars anywhere in the world
  • Accessible and committed to students
  • Committed to diversity, practice and mentoring students
  • Doing amazing research in laboratories, clinics, communities, companies and elsewhere, in NC and around the world
  • Publishing groundbreaking, peer-reviewed articles that have impact
  • Advising governments, NGOs and companies around the world. Their research contributes to rule making and thinking at the national, state and local level.

Starring our amazing, accomplished students

2013 HPM student orientation

2013 health policy and management student orientation

  • ~1700 students; they’re diverse, smart, creative, global, local and dedicated to making the world safer and healthier
  • Creative, inventive, innovative
  • Accomplished, high achieving, entrepreneurial
  • Great values
  • Work closely with faculty, staff, practitioners and their peers
  • Form bonds with faculty, staff and other students that will last lifetimes and will be of invaluable aid in life
  • Win awards, publish papers, hold leadership positions
  • Get jobs they want after graduation

Great learning opportunities in North Carolina and around the world…

Student Career Fair

Student Career Fair

  • In residence and online, through classes, laboratory work, fieldwork, internships, practica, volunteer work and research, students learn and work across N.C. and around the world.
  • Local and global practice and research experiences
  • Students get the skills and knowledge they need to move forward in their chosen fields.
  • Students get leadership experience while still in school.
  • They work closely with faculty members who are doing cutting-edge research, accessible, interested in them and committed to their success.
  • There are unparalleled opportunities for interdisciplinary learning, innovation and impact.
  • When important visitors come to the School from around the world, students participate – enhancing their networks, forging new relationships, and expanding horizons.
  • Students serve on the schools and departments’ leadership committees

Gillings School of Global Public Health… A great place to be in a great place to live

One of the School’s many collaborative spaces

  • Students enjoy spaces in the School where they can stretch out, talk to one another, or just hunker down and work.
  • Enjoy the benefits of a great university and a wonderful community.
  • Be part of a volunteering culture.
  • Get the chance to start new organizations and new companies.
  • Live in a wonderful community where the weather is great most of the year.

Life after school

An alumni gathering

  • After they finish their programs, most students get jobs they love.
  • They leave here to become tomorrow’s public health leaders, as the students before them have done for more than 70 years!
  • Our alumni work and lead all over the world – in universities, businesses, government organizations, NGOs and wherever public health can make a difference.

Stay tuned; stay connected

Stay on top of current news and events at the School through our website, Twitter, YouTube and Facebook pages, and read my blog, Monday Morning. We welcome your questions and comments about the UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health. Please contact us for more information. In the meantime, feel free to explore the various campus spaces available for students’ use. If you have any questions about the SPH, please contact your department chair, student services manager or assistant dean for student affairs, Charletta Sims Evans. I am also here for you. Warmly, Barbara K. Rimer