Gillings School Strategic Themes

As problem-solvers and leaders, we seek to achieve significant public health impact from the Well to the World™. Rooted in three cross-cutting themes: a local and global focus, strategic leadership, and eliminating health inequities, our project portfolio spans five Gillings School strategic themes.

Deliver Solutions Faster

Faster, safer, proven methods can save lives. Using strategies and tools, including connected health (mHealth) and implementation science, we speed up the adoption of evidence-based processes, practices, programs and policies into health systems. These approaches have prevented mother and baby death during and after pregnancy, detected cancer earlier, helped avert heart attacks and strokes before they happen, decreased substance abuse, and increased the pace of clinical trials. Read more. 

Enable a Healthy Planet and Healthy People

Consistent with the One Health concept which recognizes that the health of people is connected to the health of animals, crops and the environment, we work to improve access to clean water and sanitation, to prepare for natural and man-made disasters, and to protect air and water resources. Read more.

Promote Health, Prevent Disease, and Improve Care

As leaders in population health, we prevent the spread of emerging infectious diseases, such as the Zika virus. We discover and promote healthy behaviors, develop more effective treatments and improve survivorship for non-communicable diseases like cancer, heart disease and diabetes.  Read more.

Harness Big Data for Health and Well-being

Using big data and teaching data literacy, we uncover the causes and consequences of disease.  We combine data from multiple sources to produce clearer pictures of disease impact and potential for prevention. We create innovations in methodologies, data visualization and analytics for health. Our research helps to speed the process by which medications are tested and can begin to benefit people. Read more.

Promote Healthy Lives at Every Age

Focusing on staying healthy throughout a lifetime, we work to create a culture of health in North Carolina, the United States and globally. Our efforts reduce maternal and infant deaths, promote healthy aging, prevent violence against women, lessen health inequities among boys and men of color, prevent injuries, and improve access to quality health care as well as engagement of patients in their own care. Read more.