PHLP: Certificate in Global Health (PGHC Online) Details

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PHLP: Certificate in Global Health (PGHC Online)

The Public Health Leadership Program (PHLP) works to prepare public health practitioners for leadership positions by developing population-level knowledge and skills with an interdisciplinary emphasis. Building upon varied professional experience, students learn collaboratively to assess community health needs, develop innovative policies and programs and assure that new systems are maintained and improved.

We weigh multiple factors in admissions decisions. If you have questions about your qualifications for the program, please contact us.

Overview of PHLP Certificate in Global Health (PGHC Online)

Program Focus

This is an interdisciplinary 12-credit hour program of graduate study that examines the complexities inherent in improving health on a global scale. Prepares students to work in changing environments and with diverse populations and to respond competently to health challenges presented by permeable geographic and cultural boundaries. All courses are taught completely online and no travel to the UNC-Chapel Hill campus is required. Online certificates are available to any interested student NOT currently enrolled at UNC-Chapel Hill. After viewing the GPS overview, see our Online Global Health Certificate partner page for additional information.

General Information

Minimum Credit Hours:
Expected Duration:
>1.5 yrs
Learning Environment:
Application Cycle:
See application details page for more info.
Application Deadline 1:
June 1, 2014
See application details page for more info.

Applicant Information

Who Should Apply:
Healthcare practitioners who wish to strengthen their global health competencies and abilities.
Applications Received:
Applicants Admitted:
Enrolled Student Demographics:
School-wide demographics:
  • 70% / 30% female to male
  • 38% minority, including 20% underrepresented minorities (defined as Black or African American, Hispanic of any race, American Indian or Alaskan Native, Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander)
  • 10% international
  • mean age of 31
Our School is committed to diversity and inclusion.
Total Students Enrolled:
Incoming Class Size:
Matriculating class size for the program: 20-29

Program Costs & Funding

Estimated In-State Tuition & Fees:
~475 per credit hour
Estimates for this academic year only. Does not include summer tuition and fees. Additional special School/course/course overload/program/other fees may apply. See the UNC Finance Division's website for the most current data.
Estimated Out-of-State Tuition & Fees:
~1,300 per credit hour
Estimates for this academic year only. Does not include summer tuition and fees. Additional special School/course/course overload/program/other fees may apply. See the UNC Finance Division's website for the most current data.
None available.

Admissions Information

Prior Degree Required:
Bachelor's degree or international equivalent
Standardized Test(s) Accepted:
None required
Standardized Test(s) Scores:
School-wide: On average, incoming students had 77th percentile verbal and 65th percentile quantitative. Standardized test scores are one of many factors we consider in making admissions decisions. If you have concerns about your scores, please talk with us.
Undergrad G.P.A.:
School-wide: Incoming students had a mean undergraduate GPA of 3.5
Letters of Recommendation Required:
Not required
Faculty-Student Match Required:
Not required
Interviews Required:
Not required
Work Experience Required:
Relevant global health or public health work experience (min of 3-5 years preferred).
Visit Opportunities:
Interested students are welcome to attend our School-wide open house.

During the Program

Required Courses:
  • PUBH 711 Critical Issues in Global Public Health | Syllabus:
  • PUBH 712 Global Health Ethics | Syllabus:
  • PUBH 713 Global Infectious Disease Epidemiology | Syllabus:
  • PUBH 714 Monitoring and Evaluation of Global Health Programs | Syllabus:

Learn more about PHLP courses.

Comprehensive Exam Type(s):
No comprehensive exams
Capstone, Thesis or Dissertation:
None required
Practicum, Internships & Fieldwork:
Not required
Global Options Available:
The UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health strives to integrate global content and approaches across the School's courses, programs and degrees. We believe that every student should emerge from our School with an understanding of global health issues. Some courses are focused largely on global issues, others are designed so that global and local issues are intertwined and some still are evolving. Learn more about these options.

Many enrolled students will have the opportunity to pursue our graduate global health certificate, while others may choose global health courses, internships or independent study with global focus.

After the Program

Employment Opportunities:
Local and international NGO staff and management and other leadership activities; global contract research organizations; project and administrative management
Example Job Responsibilities:
Program planning and evaluation; change initiatives; leadership activities; strategic planning

Program Contact:

Michele Fulton
Student Services Specialist
4113 McGavran-Greenberg Hall
Campus Box 7469
Chapel Hill, NC