Zhenfa Zhang


Research Assistant Professor
Environment Sciences & Engineering

Curriculum Vitae

McGavran-Greenberg Hall
3204 and 3221E
135 Dauer Drive
Campus Box 7431
Chapel Hill 27599
T: 919-966-7325


2002 Shanghai Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry (SIPI),
Chinese Federal Drug Administration
Organic /Medicinal Chemistry
Research Interests

Research assistant professor Zhang integrates synthetic chemistry and analytical techniques into many areas of research in environmental sciences in order to understand the chemical reaction behind the transformation of organic pollutants and their health effects. Synthesis of analytical standard and stable isotope labeled internal standard enable highly sensitive analysis of biomarker in toxicology study. In atmospheric chemistry, synthesis of authentic standard facilitates unambiguous characterization of secondary organic aerosol components. Synthesis of uniformly 13C labeled polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH) is essential for stable-isotope probing technique used in studies on biodegradation of PAH.