Wenhong Cao


Research Associate Professor 

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Wenhong Cao’s Curriculum Vitae


500 Laureate Way 
Kannapolis, N.C. 28081 

T: 704-250-5045 



Hunan Medical University
MS, Hematological Physiology

Hunan Medical University
MD, Medicine

Research activities

Insulin resistance is a precursor or key component of many major modern health problems such as obesity, metabolic syndrome, type II diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disorders, non-alcoholic fatty liver, Alzheimer’s disease, some cancers (breast cancer, colon cancer, and prostate cancer), and aging. My lab works on the mechanisms of insulin resistance including the following components: hepatic gluconeogenesis, hepatic lipogenesis, production of new mitochondria, autophagy-dependent removal of aged/damaged mitochondria, and insulin receptor isoforms. We use various molecular, cellular, and animal models in studies. Our ultimate goal is to find new and more effective ways to prevent and reverse the conversion of the positive energy imbalance due to overeating and/or lack of physical activity into insulin resistance and its many associated health problems.