Vivian Go, PhD


Associate Professor
Health Behavior

Curriculum vitae

361 Rosenau Hall
Campus Box 7440
Gillings School of Global Public Health
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7440
T: 919-966-3908
F: 919-966-2921


2000      John Hopkins University      PhD, Health Policy and Management
1995      John Hopkins University      MPH, Public Health
1994      John Hopkins University      MA, International Economics and Social Change and Development

Research interests
Global health
Mental health
Sexually transmitted diseases
Substance abuse
Violence prevention

Research Activities
Vivian Go’s research focuses on the design, implementation and evaluation of behavioral HIV prevention interventions among marginalized populations,including people who inject drugs. A primary research interest of Dr. Go’s has been the integration of qualitative and quantitative methods in studies utilizing laboratory-based endpoints. Recently, she has collaborated with several international working groups on developing standardized measures of HIV-related stigma and sexual concurrency.

Select Publications
Go, V. F., Frangakis, C., Minh, N. K., Latkin, C. A., et al. (2013).
Effects of an HIV peer prevention intervention on sexual and injecting risk behaviors among injecting drug users and their risk partners in Thai Nguyen, Vietnam: A randomized controlled trial.
Social Science and Medicine, 96, p. 154-64.

Berry, M. C., Go, V. F., Quan, V. M., Minh, N. L., Ha, T. V., Mai, N. V., Sarin, E., Beyrer, C. (2012).
Social environment and HIV risk among MSM in Hanoi and Thai Nguyen.
AIDS Care, 25(1), p. 38-42.

Go, V. F., Minh, L. M., Frangakis, C., Ha, V. .T, Latkin, C., Sripaipan, T., Davis,  W., Zelaya, C., Ngoc, N. P., Quan, V. M. (2012).
Decreased injecting is associated with increased alcohol consumption among injecting drug users in northern Vietnam.
International Journal of Drug Policy, 24(4), p. 304-311..

Rudolph, A. E., Davis, W. W., Quan, V. M., Ha, T. V., Minh, N. L., Gregowsk,i A., Salter, M.,* Celentano, D. D., Go, V. F. (2012).
Perceptions of IDU and HIV related stigma within the community and the family, disclosure decisions and experiences with layered stigma among HIV positive injection drug users in Vietnam.
AIDS Care, 24(2), p.239-44.

Go, V. F., Srikrishnan, A. K., Parker, C. B., Salter, M.,* Green, A., Sivaram, S., Johnson, S. C., Latkin, C, Solomon, S., Celentano, D. D. (2011).
High prevalence of forced sex among non-brothel based, wine-shop centered female sex workers in Chennai, India.
AIDS and Behavior, 15(1), p. 163-171.