Susan Rogers


Adjunct Assistant Professor 
Maternal & Child Health


Curriculum Vitae


Research Triangle Institute 
Washington 20005 
T: 202-728-2494


1979  University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill  Biology

1990  Georgetown University  Demography

1999  University of Maryland at College Park  Sociology (Demography)

Key Publications

Segal S, A Tsui and SM Rogers, Eds. (1990) 
The Demographic and Programmatic Consequences of Contraceptive Innovations
New York: Plenum

Rogers SM, WC Miller, HG Miller, J Zenilman, CF Turner 
NAAT-identified and Self-reported Gonorrhea and Chlamydial Infections: Different at-risk Population Subgroups?
Sexually Transmitted Diseases: vol.29, p.588-596.

Turner CF, SM Rogers, HG Miller, WC Miller, JN Gribble, JR Chromy, PA Leone, PC Cooley, TC Quinn, J Zenilman 
Unrelated Gonococcal and Chlamydial Infection in a Probablility Sample of Baltimore Adults
JAMA: vol.287, p.726-733.

Al-TayyibAA, SM Rogers, JN Gribble, M Villarroel, CF Turner 
Effect of Low Medical LIteracy on Health Survey Measurements
American Journal of Public Health: vol.92, p.1478-80.