Robert S. Sandler

Distinguished Professor
Director Center for Gastrointestinal Biology
Curriculum Vitae
REACH NC (Collexis) Research Profile
  4157 Bioinformatics
Campus Box 7555
T: 919-966-0090
F: 919-966-9185

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1982 University of North Carolina School of Public Health
1975 Yale University School of Medicine Medicine
Key publications
Sandler RS, Halabi S, Baron JA, et al. (2003)
A randomized trial aspirin to prevent colorectal adenomas in patients with previous colorectal cancer. Results of CALGB study 9270..
New Engl J Med: vol.348, p.883-90.

 Baron JA, Cole B, Sandler RS, et al. (2003)
A randomized trial of aspirin to prevent colorectal adenomas..
New Engl J Med: vol.348, p.891-9.

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Hemochromatosis Gene (HFE) mutations and the risk of colon cancer..
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