Robert DeVellis, PhD

Adjunct Professor
Health Behavior
1970 University of Massachusetts BS, Psychology
1973 Connecticut College MA, Clinical Psychological Research
1977 George Peabody College PhD, Social Psychology


HBHE 852 Scale Development Methods Syllabus


Research interests

  • Athritis management
  • Health behavior


Research activities

Bob DeVellis is a social/health psychologist whose general interests center on how social variables and individual differences influence health behavior and adaptation to illness. Current research interests include the role of interpersonal skills in social support and cognitive/emotional factors in adjustment to chronic illness, specifically arthritis. He is also interested in the development of scales to measure health- related variables. Teaching activities include an advanced course on scale development.

Key publications
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Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications

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DeVellis, R. F., Lewis, M. A., & Sterba, K. R. (2003)
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