Priya Nanda


Adjunct Assistant Professor 
Maternal & Child Health


Curriculum Vitae



1986  University of Delhi  BA, Economics

1988  University of Delhi  MA, Economics

1991  Columbia University  MS, International Affairs

1998  Johns Hopkins University  PhD, Health Economics

Research activities

Overseas research, policy and programmatic work on issues related to reproductive health, gender equality and proverty reduction, focusing on the intersections between economic and health issues. Work includes research, measurement and evaluation of women’s economic empowerment and access to health services including family planning, reproductive health and HIV.

 Staff/Administrative Responsibilities

Currently, Health Economist and Group Director, Social and Economic Development Group with the International Center for Research on Women, New Delhi, India.

Key Publications

Rogan M, Nanda P, Maharaj P (2010) 
Promoting and prioritizing reproductive health commodities: understanding the emergency contraception value chain in South Africa.
South African Journal of Reproductive Health: vol.14, p.9-20.

Nanda P (2010) 
Exploring the transormative potential of medical abortion for women in India.
International Center for Research on Women