Pauline Lund, PhD



Cell & Molecular Physiology

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6340c MBRB , 111 Mason Farm Rd. 
Campus Box 7545 
Chapel Hill 27599-7545 
T: 919-843-5428


University of Newcastle upon Tyne
PhD, Gastrointestinal Endocrinology

University of Newcastle upon Tyne
BSc, Physiology

Research activities

Growth factor, cytokine and nutrient interactions with particular emphasis on their role in the gastrointestinal tract, stem cells and inflammation associated disease. Her work has focused on a) elucidating the role of insulin/insulinlike growth factors in normal maintenance and renewal of the epithelial lining of the gastrointestinal tract, survival of stem cells and initiation or progression of cancerous lesions b) defining the role newly discovered suppressors of cytokinesignaling as tumor repressors c) defining the role of obesity and inflammation in cancer risk d) defining the role of commensal microflora in obesity, gastrointestinal growth and cancer. Dr. Lund’s research uses transgenic and gene knockout mouse models, mouse models of disease, germ free mice and in vitro systems as well as translating the research to human populations using epidemiological approaches. New approaches include the development of animal models with green-fluorescent protein labeled stem cells as a method to track stem cells in vivo and isolate and characterize them in vivo. In addition carbon-nanotube based X-ray imaging methods and ‘cancer’ enzyme activated molecular probes are also used for in vivo detection of disease.