Patricia Sheridan, PhD


Research Assistant Professor 

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2002 Michael Hooker Research Center 
135 Dauer Drive 
Campus Box 7461 
Chapel Hill 27599 
T: 919-843-6434 
F: 919-843-0776


University of Rochester
PhD, Neuroscience

University of Rochester
MS, Neuroscience

The Ohio State University
BS, Microbiology

Research activities

Dr. Sheridan’s research can be broadly described as determining how diet alters inflammatory processes in the brain. Dr. Sheridan’s current project “Vitamin E, T Cell Trafficking and the Development of HSV-1 Encephalitis” is designed to investigate the mechanism(s) by which vitamin E (VE) influences T cell trafficking and subsequent pathological outcome following herpes simplex virus (HSV)-1 infection. A second focus of Dr. Sheridan’s research is the role diet plays in altering the activation of microglia (the brain’s macrophage). Currently, these studies include: 1) determining how VE deficiency results in increased activation of microglia during HSV-1 infection and the role of oxidative stress in this process 2) determining whether the consumption of a high fat diet results in microglial activation leading to increased neuroinflammation and neurodegeneration in the brain.