Mirek Styblo, PhD


Adjunct Associate Professor 
Environmental Sciences & Engineering

Department of Nutrition

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2302 Michael Hooker Res. Center 
135 Dauer Drive 
Campus Box 7461 
Chapel Hill 27599-7461 
T: 919-966-5721 
F: 919-843-0776 


Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences
PhD, Biochemistry

Research activities

Dr. Styblo is a biochemist with background in nutritional biochemistry and biochemical toxicology. His research focuses on topics that require expertise in both nutrition and toxicology and typically involve a translational or interdisciplinary approach. These include (1) metabolic interactions between essential and toxic trace elements found in the food chain or in the environment, (2) environmentally-induced diseases (e.g., cancer or diabetes associated with exposure to arsenic) and the role of diet or specific nutrients in prevention of these diseases, (3) modulation of the therapeutic efficacy or toxic side effects of anticancer drugs by diet or specific nutrients, and (4) development of analytical techniques for identification of biomarkers of health effects of the essential and toxic trace elements. The ultimate goal of his work is to characterize the role of essential and toxic trace elements in etiology of common human diseases and to identify molecular, metabolic and genetic markers that would facilitate risk assessment, prevention or treatment of these diseases.