Mihai Niculescu, MD


Assistant Professor 

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NRI, 500 Laureate Way 
Kannapolis 28081 
T: 704-250-5029 
F: 704-250-5001 


Carol Davila University of Medicine, Bucharest, Romania
MD, Medicine

University of North Carolina
PhD, Nutrition

Research activities

Mihai Niculescu, MD, Ph.D, was born in Romania. After graduating the Carol Davila School of Medicine (Bucharest, Romania), he worked as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Human Physiology at the School of Medicine in Brasov, Romania. During his academic tenure, he also worked as a general practitioner, and was the co-founder of MiroMedica, a private practice and medical laboratory. Dr. Mihai Niculescu is an Assistant Professor at the UNC-Chapel Hill Nutrition Research Institute (NRI). In addition to his appointment with the NRI, Niculescu will hold an appointment as Assistant Professor in UNC’s Department of Nutrition. At the Nutrition Research Institute, Dr. Niculescu will be studying epigenetics and nutrition. This kind of research is helping to explain how diet sets the “switches” that control gene expression. Specifically, Dr. Niculescu is investigating the role that a mother’s diet plays in how her fetus’ brain develops. His current interest focuses on the roles that maternal obesity and omega-3 fatty acids have upon the epigenetic regulation of fetal and postnatal brain development.