Michael Flynn


Environmental Sciences & Engineering

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Curriculum Vitae
Occupational and Environmental Exposure Science Program
North Carolina Occupational Safety and Health Education and Research Center
REACH NC (Collexis) Research Profile

166D Rosenau, Environmental Sciences and Engineering
135 Dauer Drive
Campus Box 7431
Chapel Hill 27599-7431
T: 919-966-3473
F: 919-966-7911


1979 Central Connecticut State University BS, Biology; Minor – Chemistry
1982 Harvard University, School of Public Health MS, Environmental Sciences (Industrial Hygiene)
1986 Harvard University, School of Public Health ScD, Environmental Health Sciences (Industrial Hygiene) Minors: Biostatistics and Occupational Health


Areas of Research

  • exposure modeling

  • computer simulation

  • statistical modeling

  • environmental engineering

  • aerosol

  • industrial hygiene

  • welding and manganese exposures

  • construction industry exposures and controls

  • mathematical model

  • occupational health


Key publications

Suman Sen, Michael R. Flynn, Guangwei Du, Alexander Troster, Hongyu An, and Xuemei Huang (2011) Manganese accumulation in the olfactory bulbs and other brain regions of “asymptomatic” welders. Toxicological Sciences: vol.121(1), p.160-167.

Flynn, M.R. (2010) Analysis of Censored Exposure Data by Constrained Maximization of the Shapiro-Wilk Statistic. Ann. Occup. Hyg.: vol.54(3), p.263-271.

Flynn, M.R., and P. Susi (2010) Manganese, Iron and Total Particulate Exposures to Welders. J. Occup. Env. Hyg: vol.7, p.115-126.

Flynn, M.R., and Susi, P. (2010) Modeling mixed exposures – an application to welding fumes in the construction industry. Stoc. Env. Res. Risk Assessment.: vol.24, p.377-388.

Flynn, M.R. (2004) A stochastic differential equation for exposure yields a beta distribution. Ann Occup Hyg: vol.48 (5), p.491-497.