Sian Curtis, PhD


Research Associate Professor 
Maternal and Child Health

Curriculum Vitae 
REACH NC (Collexis) Research Profile


CPC North 
Campus Box 8120 
Chapel Hill 27516 
T: 919-966-1737 
F: 919-966-2391


1987  University of Southampton, U.K. BSc, Mathematics

1989  University of Southampton, U.K.  MSc, Statistics with Applications in Medicine

1992  University of Southampton, U.K.  PhD, Social Statistics

Research Interests

  • Environment (air)
  • Health administration

 Research Activities

Contraceptive use dynamics; international reproductive and maternal health; monitoring and evaluation methods for population and health programs; multilevel models; statistical demography.

Key Publications

*Skiles MP, Curtis SL, Basinga P, Angeles G (2012)
An equity analysis of performance-based financing in Rwanda: are services reaching the poorest women?
Health Policy Plann vol.28(8), p.825-37.

*Skiles MP, Burgert CR, Curtis SL, Spencer J (2013)
Geographically linking population and facility surveys: methodological considerations
Pop Health Metrics vol.11, p.14-27.

*Meghdadpour S, Curtis SL, Pettifor A, Macphail C (2012)
Factors associated with substance use among orphaned and non-orphaned youth in South Africa.
J Adolesc. Vol.35(5), p.1329-40.

Porter LE, Bouey PD, Curtis S, Hochgesang M, Idele P, Jefferson B, et al (2012)
Beyond indicators: advances in global HIV monitoring and evaluation during the PEPFAR era.
J Acquir Immune Defic Syndr vol. 60, p.S120-6.

Curtis SL, *Evens E, Sambisa W (2011)
Contraceptive discontinuation and unintended pregnancy: an imperfect relationship.
Int Perspect Sex Reprod Health vol.37(2), p.58-66, doi: 10.1363/3705811.