Dorothy C Browne, DrPH

Adjunct Professor
Maternal and Child Health

Curriculum Vitae

OfficePO Box 51086
Durham NC 27717
T: 919-402-7961


1972  University of Pittsburgh  MSW, Community Organization/Research

1974  Harvard University  MPH, Maternal and Child Health/Health Services Admin.

1980  Harvard University  DrPH, Maternal and Child Health

Research Interests

High risk behaviors (drugs, HIV/AIDS, sexual behavior, etc.) among African-American adolescents and adults.

 Key Publications

Thompson R, Lindsey M, English D, Hawley K, Browne DC. (2007)
The influence of family environment on mental health need and service use among vulnerable children.
Child Welfare League of America:vol.74(suppl II), p.57-73.

Jagers RJ, Wagner F, Scott-Johnston P, Wang Y, Browne DC. (2007)
Elevated depressive symptoms in a community sample of African Americans and whites. 
Journal of Health Disparities Research and Practice: vol.2(1), p.21-33.

Lindsey M, Browne DC, Thompson R, Hawley K, Graham, et al. (2008)
Caregiver mental health: Neighborhood and social network influences on mental health needs among African-American children. 
Social Work Research: vol.32, p.79-88

Browne DC, Clubb PA, Wang Y, Wagner F. (2009)
Drug taking and high risk sexual behavior among African-American males enrolled in HBCUs: a comparison of men who have sex with men and men who have sex with women.
American Journal of Public Health: vol. 99(6), p. 1062-1066.

Washington TA, Wang Y, Browne DC. (2008)
Difference in condom use among sexually active males in historically Black colleges and universities. 
Journal of American College Health: vol.57, p.411-416.