M. Alan Brookhart, PhD

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2105F McGavran-Greenberg
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2002 UC Berkeley PhD, Biostatistics
699-5 Epidemiologic Research with Healthcare Databases
699-7 Advanced Methods in Pharmacoepidemiology
Research activities

My research focuses on the development and application of epidemiological methods for observational studies of medications using large health care databases. I am particularly interested in two related areas: 1) understanding the determinants of physician prescribing and patient adherence and 2) detecting and controlling confounding bias in comparative effectiveness studies of medications.

Staff/administrative responsibilities

Key publications
Wang PS, Schneeweiss S, Avorn J, Fischer MA, Mogun H, Solomon DH, Brookhart MA. (2005)
Risk of death in elderly users of conventional vs. atypical antipsychotic medications.
New England Journal of Medicine: vol.353, p.2335-41.

Brookhart MA, Schneeweiss S. (2007)
Preference-based instrumental variable methods for the estimation of treatment effects.
International Journal of Biostatistics: vol.3(1), p.1-14.

Brookhart MA, Patrick AR, Dormuth C, Avorn J, Shrank W, Cadarette SM, Solomon DH. (2007)
Adherence to lipid-lowering therapy and the use of preventive health services: an investigation of the healthy user effect.
American Journal of Epidemiology: vol.166, p.348-54.

Brookhart MA, Patrick AR, Schneeweiss S, Avorn J, Dormuth C, Shrank W, van Wijk BL, Cadarette SM, Canning CF, Solomon DH. (2007)
Physician follow-up and provider continuity are associated with long-term medication adherence.
Archives of Internal Medicine, p.847-52.

Brookhart MA, Schneeweiss S, Avorn J, Bradbury B, Liu J, Winkelmayer W. (2010)
Comparative mortality risk of anemia management practices in end-stage renal disease.
Journal of the American Medical Association: vol.303(9), p.857-64.