Lori Carter-Edwards, PhD

(hb)carter-edwards_lori_201 Research Associate Professor
Health Behavior

Public Health Leadership Program

Curriculum vitae
REACH NC (Collexis) Research Profile

Campus Box 7426
1700 MLK, Jr Blvd
Chapel Hill, NC
T: 919-966-6034
1995   University of North Carolina; Chapel Hill, North Carolina        PhD, Epidemiology
1990   University of California; Los Angeles, California                       MA, Behavioral Sciences and Health Education

Research interests
Cardiovascular disease
Evidence-based public health
Health behavior
Health disparity
Maternal health
Minority health
Women’s health

Select publications
DiSantis KI, Grier S, Odoms-Young A, Carter-Edwards L, Young DR, Lassiter V, Kumanyika S. (2013).
What “price” means when buying food. Insights from a multi-site qualitative study with Black Americans.
American Journal of Public Health: 103(3), p.516-522.

Carter-Edwards L, Hooten EG, Bruce MA, Toms F, Lloyd CM, Ellison C. (2012).
Pilgrimage to wellness: An exploratory report on clergy perceptions of church health promotion capacity.
Journal of Prevention and Intervention in Community, 40(3), p.194-207.

Boothe AS, Brouwer RJN, Carter-Edwards L, Ostbye T. (2011).
Unmet social support for healthy behaviors among overweight and obese postpartum women: results from the Active Mothers Postpartum Study.
Journal of Women’s Health, 20(11), p.1677-1685.

Carter-Edwards L, Johnson JH Jr, Whitt-Glover MC, Bruce M, Goldmon MV. (2011).
Health promotion for the elderly: training black clergy in entrepreneurial spirituality.
Journal of Religion, Spirituality, and Aging, 23, p.139-154.

Carter-Edwards L, Bastian L, Revels J, Durham H, Lokhnygina Y, Amamoo MA, Ostbye T. (2010).
Body image and body satisfaction differ by race in overweight postpartum mothers.
Journal of Women’s Health, 19(2), p.305-311.