Leslie Fischer, PhD


Research Assistant Professor 

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Department of Nutrition , 800 Eastowne Dr. Suite 100 
135 Dauer Drive 
Campus Box 7461 
Chapel Hill 27514 
T: 919-408-3320 
F: 919-408-0674 


Columbia University
PhD, Nutrition

Harvard Medical School
PhD, Developmental and Molecular Biology

Research activities

Research Assistant Professor, Department of Nutrition. (PhD in Developmental and Molecular Biology, Columbia University, 1993) Dr. Fischer’s primary research interest is the interrelationship between nutrients and normal development/disease processes. Specifically, she is interested in how key nutrients may enhance infant/toddler development, as well as promote health and prevent disease. Dr. Fischer is currently working on a study to determine the dietary requirements of the nutrient choline in healthy women, and how these requirements are modulated by estrogen status and specific genetic polymorphisms. Choline, an essential nutrient in humans, is used to synthesize membrane phospholipids, the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, and the methyl-donor betaine, that functions in the conversion of homocysteine to methionine. Additionally, Dr. Fischer is working on the Choline, Pregnancy and Brain Development study, and a study on DHA and choline supplementation in toddlers. Optimal brain development may depend on availability of specific nutrients such as choline and DHA during critical periods in pre- and postnatal life.