Kavita Singh Ongechi, PhD


Research Assistant Professor 
Maternal and Child Health

Curriculum Vitae 
REACH NC (Collexis) Research Profile


206 W.Franklin St/ 407C Rosenau Hall 
Campus Box 8120 (CPC) or 7445 (MCH) 
Chapel Hill 27516 
T: 919-966-6668 
F: 919-966-2391 


1996  College of Arts and Sciences, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY  BA, Biology

1997  The George Washington University, Washington DC  MPH, Maternal and Child Health

2002  The Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health, Baltimore, MD  PhD, Population Dynamics

Research activities

Program evaluation of maternal and child health and HIV prevention programs; influence of gender measures on health outcomes; and research focused on reaching vulnerable populations (the poorest, orphans, displaced persons and stigmatized groups) with interventions

 Key Publications

Luseno, W, Singh, K, Handa, S, Suchindran, C. (2013) 
A Multilevel Analysis of the Effect of Malawi’s Socal Cash Transfer Pilot Scheme on School-age Children’s Health
Health Policy and Planning 

Singh, K, Brodish, P, Suchindran, C (2013) 
A Regional Multilevel Analysis: Can Skilled Birth Attendants Uniformly Decrease Neonatal Mortality?
Maternal and Child Health Journal

Singh, K., Luseno, W., Haney, E. (2013) 
Gender Equality and Education: Increasing the Uptake of HIV Testing among Married Women in Kenya, Zambia and Zimbabwe

Singh K, Bloom S, Haney E, Olorunsaiye C, Brodish P (2012) 
Gender Equality and Childbirth in a Health Facility: Nigeria and MDG5
African Journal of Reproductive Health: vol.16(3), p.122-128.

Singh, K., Haney, E., Olorunsaiye, C. (2012) 
Maternal Autonomy and Attitudes towards Gender Norms: Associations with Childhood Immunizations in Nigeria
Maternal and Child Health Journal