Karin Yeatts

3002 Michael Hooker Research Center
135 Dauer Drive
Campus Box 7435
Chapel Hill 27599-7435
T: 919-966-8999


1997 University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill PhD, Epidemiology
1994 University of Massachusetts at Amherst MS, Epidemiology
1991 Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University MS, EnviroSci & Eng.
1988 Bowdoin College AB, Chemistry


EPID 600 Principles of Epidemiology (Lead Instructor) Syllabus
EPID 759 Methods in Field Epidemiology (Lead Instructor) Syllabus
ENVR 601 Epidemiology for Environmental Scientists and Engineering
SPHG 350H Introduction to Public Health

Course Development

Dr. Lorraine Alexander and Dr. Yeatts are co-instructors for the Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC) Epidemiology: The Basic Science of Public Health on the coursera® platform.
Dr. Yeatts led the development of the course content.

Research interests

  • Environment (air)
  • Environment (general)

Research activities

  • Air Pollution-Related Health Effects
  • Asthma (Epidemiology & Health Care)
  • Climate Change and Health

Staff/administrative responsibilities

Member of Center for Environmental Medicine, Asthma, Lung Biology in the School of Medicine;

UNC Institute of Public Health. Co-Chair Asthma Alliance of North Carolina.

Key publications

Yeatts KB, El-Sadig M, Ali H, Maskari F, Campbell A, Ng S, Reeves L, Chan R, Davidson C, Funk W, Boundy M, Leith D, Popkin B, MacDonald Gibson J, Rusyn I, Olshan AF (2012)
Conducting Environmental Health Research in the Arabian Middle East: Lessons Learned and Opportunities.
Environ Health Perspect: vol.120, p.632-636.

Yeatts KB, El Sadig M, Leith D, Maskiri F, Kalsbeek W, Rusyn I, Couper D, Zoubeidi T, Chan R, Boundy MG, Funk WE, MacDonald J, Olshan AF (2012)
Indoor air pollutants and health in the United Arab Emirates.
Environ Health Perspect: vol.120, p.687-694.

Yeatts K, Svendsen E, Creason J, Alexis N, Herbst M, Scott J, Kupper L, Williams R, Neas L, Cascio W, Devlin RB, Peden DB (2007)
Coarse particulate matter (PM2.5-10) affects heart rate variability, blood lipids, and circulating eosinophils in adults with asthma..
Environ Health Perspect: vol.115(5):, p.709-14.

Hanna AF, Yeatts KB, Xiu A, Zhu Z, Smith RL, Davis NN, Talgo K, Arora G, Robinson PJ, Meng Q, Pinto JP (2011)
Association between Ozone and Morbidity Using the Spatial Synoptic Classification.
Environmental Research: vol.10:49, p.1476-069.

Yeatts K, Sly P, Shore S, Weiss S, Martinez F, Geller A, Bromberg P, Enright P, Koren H, Weissman D, Selgrade M (2006)
A brief targeted review of susceptibility factors, environmental exposures, asthma incidence, and recommendations for future asthma incidence research.
Environ Health Perspect: vol.114(4), p.634-40.

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