Jennifer Smith, PhD

Associate Professor
EpidemiologyCurriculum Vitae
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2103 Mcgavran-Greenberg , Department of Epidemiology
135 Dauer Drive
Campus Box 7435
Chapel Hill 27599
T: 919-966-7450

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2000 Johns Hopkins University PhD, Epidemiology
1995 Johns Hopkins University MPH, Population Dynamics
1991 Amherst College BA, Chemistry and French
Research interests

  • Cancer
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Women’s health
Research activities

Dr. Jennifer S. Smith’s current research focuses on epidemiological studies of human papillomavirus (HPV) and cervical cancer worldwide (primarily in North Carolina, China, and Kenya), with a focus on prevention via screening or prophylactic HPV vaccines, and on the sero-epidemiology of herpes simplex virus infections, and on infections in the etiology of cancer.

Key publications
Jennifer S. Smith, Stephen Moses, Michael Hudgens, Corette B. Parker, Kawango Agot, Ian Maclean, Jeckoniah O. Ndinya-Achola, Peter J.F. Snijders, Chris J.L.M. Meijer, Robert C. Bailey (2010)
Increased risk of HIV acquisition among men with human papillomavirus infection in Kisumu, Kenya.
J Infect Dis: vol.201(11), p.1677–1685.

Jennifer S. Smith, Danielle M. Backes*, Michael G. Hudgens, Robert C. Bailey, Giovanni Veronesi, Martijn Bogaarts, Kawango Agot, J.O. Ndinya-Achola, Ian Maclean, Walter Agingu, Chris J.L.M. Meijer, Stephen Moses, and Peter J.F. Snijders (2010)
Prevalence and Risk Factors of Human Papillomavirus Infection by Penile Site in Uncircumcised Kenyan Men.
Int J Cancer: vol.126(2), p.572-7.

J. S. Smith, C. Bosetti, N.Munozi, R. Herrero, F. X. Bosch, J. Eluf-Neto, C. J.L.M. (2004)
Chlamydia trachomatis and invasive cervical cancer: a pooled analysis of the IARC multicentric case-control study.
Int J Cancer: vol.111, p.431-9.

J. S. Smith, J. Green, A. Berrington de Gonzalez, P. Appleby, J. Peto, M.Plummer, S. Franceschi, V. Beral (2003)
Cervical cancer and use of hormonal contraceptives: a systematic review.
Lancet: vol.361, p.1159-67.

J. S. Smith, R. Herrero, C. Bosetti , N. Munoz , F. Xavier Bosch, J. Eluf-Neto , X. (2002)
Herpes simplex virus-2 as a human papillomavirus cofactor in the etiology of invasive cervical Cancer.
J Natl Cancer Inst: vol.94, p.1604-13.