Jason West

Associate Professor
Environmental Sciences & Engineering

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146B Rosenau Hall
135 Dauer Drive
Campus Box 7431
Chapel Hill 27599-7431
T: 919-843-3928

1993 Duke University BSCE, Civil & Environmental Engineering
1994 Carnegie Mellon University MS, Civil & Environmental Engineering
1995 University of Cambridge Environment & Development
1998 Carnegie Mellon University PhD, Civil & Environmental Engineering, and Engineering & Public Policy
ENVR 890 Global Climate Change: Science, Impacts, Solutions 
ENVR 890 Methods of Environmental Decision Analysis 
Research interests

  • Environment (air)
  • Environment (general)
  • Global health
Research activities

Dr. West is interested broadly in the problems of air pollution and climate change, with the goal of exploring the relationships between these problems and the relevance of these relationships for environmental science and policy. Using computer models of atmospheric chemistry, Dr. West is interested in exploring the effects of changes in emissions on global air quality, the international transport of air pollutants (focusing on ozone and particulate matter), and the radiative forcing of climate. Recently, Dr. West’s research has emphasized reducing methane emissions as beneficial for climate change, ozone air quality, and human health. In the future, he plans to explore how goals of improving air quality and slowing greenhouse warming can be achieved simultaneously. Current projects: 1) Modeling the inter-continental transport of ozone air pollution and its effects on human mortality. 2) CO as Kyoto’s forgotten gas: The influences of regional CO emissions on climate forcing and the long-range transport of air pollution. 3) The global burden of anthropogenic ozone and particulate matter air pollution on premature human mortality. 4) Simultaneous planning for emission reductions for greenhouse gases and air pollution.

Key publications

West, J. J., A. M. Fiore, V. Naik, L. W. Horowitz, M. D. Schwarzkopf, and D. L. Mauzerall (2007) Ozone air quality and radiative forcing consequences of changes in ozone precursor emissions. Geophysical Research Letters: vol.34, p.L06806.

West, J. J., A. M. Fiore, L. W. Horowitz, and D. L. Mauzerall (2006) Global health benefits of mitigating ozone pollution with methane emission controls.
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences: vol.103, p.3988-3993.

West, J. J., and A. M. Fiore (2005) Management of tropospheric ozone by reducing methane emissions. Environmental Science & Technology: vol.39, p.4685-4691.

J. J. West, M. A. Zavala, L. T. Molina, M. J. Molina, F. San Martini, G. J. McRae, G. Sosa-Iglesias, J. L. Arriaga-Colina (2004) Modeling ozone photochemistry and evaluation of hydrocarbon emissions in the Mexico City metropolitan area. Journal of Geophysical Research: vol.109, p.D19312.

West, J. J., P. Osnaya, I. Laguna, J. Martinez, A. Fernandez (2004) Co-control of urban air pollutants and greenhouse gases in Mexico City. Environmental Science & Technology: vol.38, p.3474-3481.