Jacqueline MacDonald Gibson, PhD

Jacqueline MacDonald Gibson, PhD
Associate Professor
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2007 Carnegie Mellon University PhD, Engineering and Public Policy
2007 Carnegie Mellon University PhD, Civil and Environmental Engineering
1990 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign MS, Environmental Science in Civil Engineering
1986 Bryn Mawr College BA, Mathematics
ENVR 570 Methods of Environmental Decision Analysis
ENVR 470 Environmental Risk Assessment
ENVR 890-004 Water-Health Research
Research interests

  • Environment (general)
  • Environment (soil)
  • Environment (water)
Research and practice activities

Dr. MacDonald is interested in research on topics at the interface between environmental science and public policy. Her work focuses on the mathematical quantification of the probability of harm occurring due to environmental contamination and on quantitative comparisons of policy options for environmental risk reduction. She specializes in constructing mathematic models that represent the sources of environmental contamination, how people become exposed to those contaminants, and the types of human health impacts that result from the contamination. Through these models, she explores how changes in public policies affect the level of harm from contamination. Recently, she was the principal investigator for a project to advise the government of the United Arab Emirates on the highest priorities for protecting the health of the nation’s inhabitants from environmental risks. The results served as the basis for an environmental health strategic plan for the UAE. Currently, she is working on projects to assess disparities in water service in North Carolina and the public health impacts of those disparities. She also has projects related to quantifying the disease burden of air pollution from different sources in North Carolina.

Key publications
Johnston, J., and J. MacDonald Gibson (2013)
Screening houses for vapor intrusion risks: a multiple regression analysis approach.
Environmental Science & Technology: vol.47, p.5595-5602.

MacDonald Gibson, A. Brammer, C. Davidson, T. Folley, F. Launay, and J. Thomsen, eds. (2013)
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MacDonald Gibson, J. A., and Z. S. Farah (2012)
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Environmental Health Perspectives: vol.120, p.681-686.

MacDonald Gibson, J. A., J. Thomsen, F. Launay, E. Harder, and N. DeFelice (2013)
Burden of disease attributable to environmental pollution in the United Arab Emirates.
PLoS ONE: vol.8, p.e57536.

Willis, H., J. MacDonald Gibson, A. Curtright, J. Hu, S. Olmstead, G. Cecchine, S. Geschwind, and M. Moore (2010)
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