Hugh Tilson

Adjunct Professor
Social Medicine

Senior Advisor
Public Health Grand Rounds, NCIPH


Curriculum Vitae

4106 McGavran-Greenberg
Campus Box 7469
Chapel Hill 27599-7469
T: 919-349-0740

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Research activities

Dr. Tilson received his Bachelor’s from Reed College, his MD from Washington University School of Medicine, and his MPH and DrPH from Harvard School of Public Health. He has served as Director of North Carolina’s Division of Health Services and was Vice President and Worldwide Director, Epidemiology, Surveillance & Policy Research at Glaxo Wellcome.


Key publications
Tilson, H, Novotny T (1997)
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American Journal of Preventive Medicine: vol.13, p.10-11.
Tilson, H, Kotsanos J (1997)
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Tilson, H (1996)
Health Communities: New Partnerships for the Furture of Public Health (Preface).
Institute of Medicine, National Academy Press
Tilson, H, Mauskoph J. (1996)
Economic Impact of Treatment of HIV-Positive Pregnant Women and their newborns with Zidovudine: Implications for HIV Screening.
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Tilson, H, Hickey A (1996)
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