Harvey Edward Jeffries


Professor Emeritus 
Environmental Sciences & Engineering

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Dept. Envr. Sci. and Engineering , School of Public Health 
135 Dauer Drive 
Campus Box 7431 
Chapel Hill 27599-7431 
T: 919-966-7312 


1964  Florida Presbyterian College (Eckerd College)  Chemistry

1967  University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill  Air & Industrial Hygiene

1971  University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill  Atmospheric Chemistry

Research activities

Harvey Jeffries has been a member of the Environmental Sciences and Engineering faculty since 1971. Dr. Jeffries is a gas-phase atmospheric chemist specializing in volatile organic compound photo- oxidation with oxides of nitrogen to produce ozone (ie, “smog”). In addition, he is a mathematical modeler, creating numerical simulation models of photochemistry that become components of large scale Eulerian models incorporating meteorological and emissions sub-models. Dr. Jeffries has been active in using these models to plan public policy for air pollution control. His work also includes research on the effectiveness of alternative fuels to reduce ozone and the atmospheric chemistry leading to global change.

 Key Publications

Liu, Xiaoyu, Harvey Jeffries, Kenneth Sexton (1999) 
Atmospheric Photochemical Degradation of 1,4-Unsaturated Dicarbonyls
Environmental Science & Technology, p.4212-4220.

Liu, Xiaoyu, Harvey Jeffries, Kenneth Sexton. (1999) 
Hydroxyl radical and ozone initiated photochemical reactions of 1,3-butadiene
Atmospheric Environment: vol.33, p.3005-3022.

Chien, Chao-Jung, M. Judith Charles, Kenneth Sexton, Harvey Jeffries (1998) 
Analysis of Airborne Carboxylic Acids and Phenols as Their Pentafluorobenzyl Derivatives: Gas Chromatography/Ion Trap Mass Spectrometry with a Novel Chemical Ionization Reagent, PFBOH
Environmental Science & Technology: vol.32, p.299-309.

Yu J, Jeffries HE (1997) 
Atmospheric photooxidation of alkylbenzenes-I. Carbonyl Product Analyses
Atmospheric Environment: vol.31, p.2261-2280. Yu J., Jeffries HE (1997) 
Atmospheric photooxidation of alkylbenzenes-II. Evidence of formation of epoxide intermediates
Atmospheric Environment: vol.31, p.2281-2287.