H. Kenneth Hudnell

  Adjunct Associate Professor
Environment Sciences & Engineering


  T: 919-932-7229
Research activities

Dr. H Kenneth Hudnell has undergraduate degrees in chemistry and psychology, a doctorate in neurobiology and biological psychology, and post-doctoral training in toxicology. Ken served as a neurotoxicologist at the US EPA for 23 years where he conducted research on human health effects caused by exposures to environmental pollutants. He focused on biotoxins in recent years, led an interagency effort to address the problem of freshwater harmful algal blooms and is editor and co-author of a book on that topic. He gave invited Testimony to Congress concerning the Agency, algal blooms and the need for improved legislation. Ken leads a coalition seeking improved water quality legislation, is chair of the National HAB Committee’s Freshwater Subcommittee, and on the editorial board on three journals. He now is a consultant working 67% time for SolarBee, Inc., and an Adjunct Associate Professor at UNC’s Department of Environmental Sciences & Engineering. He conducts research on the treatment of surface, potable, and waste waters, and water quality relationships to human health.