Elizabeth Randall-David, PhD

  Adjunct Assistant Professor
Health Behavior

Senior Research Fellow
Health Inequalities  Program
Terry Sanford Institute of Public Policy
Duke University



1985 University of Florida PhD, Anthropology
1968 New School for Social Research New York MA, Personality Development
HBHE 706 Effective Training for Global Health Syllabus
Research interests

  • Health behavior
  • Rural health
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Violence prevention
  • Women’s health
Research activities


Consultant, Center for Creative Education

  • Practice based
  • Works in a variety of health fields on a diversity of health issues
  • Enjoys mentoring students in empowerment based training and education

Primary teaching areas

  • HBHE 755 Empowerment Education
  • Effective teaching in a global context

Primary Research areas

  • Cancer
  • Women’s health
Staff/administrative responsibilities

As HB adjunct:

  • Advisor on a special project
  • Capstone preceptor
  • Classroom or continuing education lecture
  • Informal research advice or technical assistance
  • Practicum preceptor