Douglas Crawford-Brown, PhD


Professor Emeritus 
University of Cambridge


10 Portugal Place 
Cambridge CB5 8AF 
T: 0-0550


1975  Georgia Institute of Technology  BS, Physics

1977  Georgia Institute of Technology   MS, Physics

1980  Georgia Institute of Technology  PhD, Physics/Nuclear Science


Variable-  Cambridge Summer Programme in International Energy Policy and Environmental Assessment

 Research Interests

  • Cancer
  • Environment (air)
  • Environment (general)
  • Environment (water)
  • Ethics
  • Technology

Research Activities

My research and application interests are in sustainability of the built environment, climate policy and mathematical modeling of human health risks.

Key Publications

Wedding C and Crawford-Brown D (2008) 
Improving the Link between LEED Green Building label and a Building’s Energy Related Environmental Metrics
J Green Building: vol.3, p.2.

Crawford-Brown, D. and LaRocca S (2006) 
Teaching Systems Principles and Policy Applications Using a Reduced-Scale Global Warming Model
J Geoscience Education: vol.54, p.101-120.

Douglas Crawford-Brown (2001) 
Mathematical Methods of Environmental Risk Modeling (Book).

D. Crawford-Brown, (2000) 
Spatial Stochasticity and Correlated Effects in Dose-Response Relationships for Environmental Pollutants: A Case Study of Radiation Effects
Stoc. Environ. Res. Risk Assess.: vol.14, p.42.

Douglas Crawford-Brown (1999) 
Risk-Based Environmental Decisions: Methods and Culture (Book).