Donald T Lauria


Professor Emeritus 
Environmental Sciences & Engineering

REACH NC (Collexis) Research Profile


515 Carolina Meadows Villa 
Chapel Hill 27517 
T: 919-942-4612


1956  Manhattan College  Sanitary Engineering

1960  Syracuse University  Sanitary Engineering

1970  University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill  Water Resources Engineering

Key Publications

Lauria, D (2002) 
Behavioral studies of the domestic demand for water service in Africa: a response
Water Policy: vol.vol. 4, p.pp. 89-91.

Cueva, A. & D. Lauria (2000) 
Assessing Consequences of Political Constraints on Rate Making in Dakar: A Monte Carlo Approach
The Political Economy of Water Pricing Reforms, Ariel Dinar (ed), Oxford, NY

Lauria, D., & A. Cueva (1999) 
Willingness to Pay for Improved Water Supply in Rural Communities of Venezuela
Providing Safe Drinking Water in Small Systems, Joseph Cortruvo et al. (eds), CRC Press Lauria, D.T., D. Whittington et al. (1998) 
Household Demand for Improved Sanitation Services in Calamba, Philippines
Placing Money Values on the Environment: Theory and Practice of the Contingent Valuation Method by Willis, K. and I. Bateman (eds.), Oxford Univ Press. Whittington, Dale, KyeongAe Choe, and D. Lauria (1997) 
The Effect of Giving Respondents Time to Think on Tests of Scope
Determining the Value of Non Market Goods. Kopp, R. et al. (eds), Kluwer, Boston