Don Francisco


Clinical Professor Emeritus 
Environment Sciences & Engineering

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REACH NC (Collexis) Research Profile



1964  North Texas State University  Biology

1966  North Texas State University  Aquatic Biology-Microbiology

1971  University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill  Applied Aquatic Microbiology

Research Interests

  • Clinical trials

 Key Publications

Francisco, D. E., Terrell, J. A. and Melia, G. (1996) 
An Evaluation of the Source(s) of Test Animals as a Component of Interlaboratory Variability in the ‘NC Mini-Chronic Pass/Fail Ceridodaphnia Effluent Toxicity Test
M.A Report to the Water Resources Research Institute of The University of North Carolina, p.45 pp..

LaRocca, C.A., Francisco, D.E., and DiGiano, F.A. (1994) 
Effects of Diet on Survival, Reproduction, and Sensitivity of Ceriodaphnia dubia
Water Environment Research: vol.66, p.905-911.

Shahady, T.D., Mozley, S.C., and Francisco, D.E. (1994) 
Grazing Impact of Daphnia parvula on Phytoplankton in a Southeastern, Eutrophic Reservoir
Lake and Reservoir Management: vol.8, p.189-203.

Francisco, D.E., DiGiano, F.A., Elias, M.C., and LaRocca, C.A. (1992) 
An Evaluation of an Approach for Determining the Cause of Chronic Toxicity in the Effluent From Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants.
A report to the Water Resources Research Institute of the University of North Carolina., p. 105 pp.. Francisco, D.E., Shoaf, S.R., and Lamb, J.C., III. ( 198) 
Reduction in Nutrient Discharges Into Designated Nutrient-Sensitive Waters — Phase III (East Burlington Studies).
A report to the North Carolina Urban Water Consortium, p.116 pp..