Dale Whittington


Environmental Sciences & Engineering

City & Regional Planning

Curriculum Vitae
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140 Rosenau Hall
Campus Box 7431
Chapel Hill, NC, USA
T: 919-966-7645
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Prof. Whittington’s Nov 2013 interview on Ethiopian television on Nile water management and the Grand Renaissance Dam: http://ethsat.com/video/esat-focus-on-ethiopia-with-professor-dale-whittington/



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A.B. Brown University  
MPA LBJ School of Public Affairs, University of Texas  
M.Sc. London School of Economics and Political Science  
Ph.D. University of Texas at Austin  


Research activities

Environmental economics, environmental valuation, water and sanitation policy and planning in developing countries.

Key publications

Opportunities for Cooperative Water Resources Development on the Eastern Nile: Risks and Rewards. Final Report of the Scoping Study Team to the Eastern Nile Council of Ministers. October, 2008. 85 pages. Washington D.C.: World Bank. (with Don Blackmore).

“Estimation of Water Demand in Developing Countries: An Overview.” The World Bank Research Observer. November 11, 2009. pp. 1-32. (with Celine Nauges).

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“What Have We Learned from Twenty Years of Stated Preference Studies in Less Developed Countries?” Annual Review of Resource Economics. Vol. 2, 2010. pp. 209-236.

“Costs of Illnesses due to Endemic Cholera. Epidemiological Infections. 2011. doi:10.1017/S0950268811000513. 10 pages. Cambridge University Press. (with C Poulos, A Riewpaiboon, JF Stewart, J Clemens, S Guh, M Agtini, D Sur, Z Islam, M Lucas, and the DOMI Cholera COI Study Group).

“Costs of illness due to typhoid fever in five Asian countries.” Tropical Medicine and International Health. Vol. 16, No. 3, pp. 314-323, March, 2011 (with C Poulos, A Riewpaiboon, J Stewart, J Clemens, S Guh, M Agtini, DD Anh, D Baiqing, Z Bhutta, D Sur, and the Domi Typhoid COI Study Group).

“Giving stated preference respondents “time to think”: results from four countries.” Environmental and Resources Economics. 2011. 51: 473-496. (with Joe Cook, Marc Jeuland, and Brian Maskery).

“Setting Priorities, Targeting Subsidies among Water, Sanitation, and Preventative Health Interventions in Developing Countries.” World Development. 2012. 40, 8: 1456-1568. (with Marc Jeuland, Kate Barker, and Yvonne Yuen).

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“Selecting optimal prices and outpost locations for rural vaccination campaigns.” International Regional Science Review. 2013. (with Dohyeong Kim and Donald T. Lauria).

“Effect of Travel Distance on Household Demand for Typhoid Vaccines: Implications for Planning.” Forthcoming in International Journal of Health Planning and Management, 2014. (with Dohyeong Kim and Donald T. Lauria).