Berton Kaplan

Emeritus Faculty


1951  Virginia Polytechnic Institute  Business Administration

1952  University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill  Personnel Administration

1962  University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill  Sociology

Research activities

Coping and Adaptive Behavior/Social Support, Modifying High Risk Behavior, Social Stress and CHD, and Religious coping and health

Key Publications

Blazer DG, Kaplan BH (2001)
Research Challenges in Social Psychiatry.
Archives of General Psychiatry: vol.58, p.885-886.

Hybels CF, Kaplan BH, Blazer DG, et al. (2000)
Social and Personal Resources and the Prevalence of Phobic Disorder in a Community Population.
Psychological Medicine: vol.30, p.705-716.

Blazer DG, Kaplan BH (2000)
Controversies in Community-Based Psychiatric Epidemiology.
Archives of General Psychiatry: vol.57, p.227-228.

Kaplan BH (1998)
Emphasizing the Social Sources of Suffering.
Medical Humanities Review: vol.125, p.66-70. Kaplan BH (1997)
The Ties That Bind for a Lifetime of Health..
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