Andrew Gordon Swick


Associate Professor 

Andrew Gordon Swick’s Biosketch 
Curriculum Vitae


500 Laureate Way , North Carolina Research Campus 
Kannapolis 28081 
T: 704-250-5015


1981  University of Florida-Gainesville  BS, Animal Science

1982  University of Nebraska-Lincoln  MS, Human Nutrition

1987  University of Wisconsin-Madison  PhD, Nutritional Science

Research activities

Obesity and associated metabolic disorders are a major heath concern, linked with a significant burden of morbidity and mortality. In order to maintain a healthy body weight, calorie consumption must be balanced with energy expenditure. Dr. Swick studies gut regulation of food intake and the control of energy expenditure working with humans, animal models and cell culture. Both food intake and energy expenditure vary depending on genetics and the environment. After food is consumed, it is first sensed by the digestive organs. Dr. Swick studies how the gut senses food and sends signals to control appetite and metabolism. More specifically he is interested in how lipid metabolism impacts the release of gut peptides involved in satiety. As an important element to his work, Dr. Swick studies energy expenditure and the effects of interventions such as, diet, functional foods, exercise and pharmaceuticals on energy metabolism and body weight. This work is centered on clinical studies using the metabolic chamber located in Kannapolis, where 24h energy expenditure can be measured in human subjects.