Allison E. Aiello, PhD, MS

Allison E. AielloProfessor
Curriculum Vitae

Aiello Research Group

2101C Mcgavran-Greenberg Hall
135 Dauer Drive
Campus Box 7435
Chapel Hill 27599-7435
T: 919-966-2149
F: 919-966-2089


Columbia University
University of North Carolina School of Public Health
University of Massachusetts-Amherst


Research Interests & Projects

  • Conduct research designed to elucidate biological mechanisms underlying disparities in physical and mental health outcomes
  • Investigate non-pharmaceutical interventions for reducing influenza transmission

Key publications

Grad YH, Lipsitch M, Aiello AE (2012). Secular trends in Helicobacter pylori seroprevalence in adults in the United States: evidence for sustained race/ethnic disparities. American Journal of Epidemiology , 175 (1) , 54-9.

Simanek, A.M., Dowd, J.B., Pawelec, G., Melzer, D., Dutta, A., Aiello, A.E. (2011). Seropositivity to cytomegalovirus, inflammation, all-cause and cardiovascular disease-related mortality in the United States PLoS ONE , 6 (2) , e16103.

Rees Clayton, E.M., Todd, M., Dowd, J.B., Aiello, A.E. (2011). The impact of bisphenol A and triclosan on immune parameters in the US population, NHANES 2003-2006 Environmental Health Perspectives , 119 (3) , 390-6.

Aiello A.E. , Murray G.F., Perez V., Coulborn R.M., Davis B.M., Uddin M., Shay D.K., Waterman S.H., Monto A.S. (2010). Mask use, hand hygiene, and seasonal influenza-like illness among young adults: a randomized intervention trial. The Journal of Infectious Diseases , 201(4) , 491-8.

Roberts, E.T., Haan, M.N., Dowd, J.B., Aielloa A.E. (2010). Cytomegalovirus antibody levels, inflammation and mortality among elderly Latinos over 9 years of follow-up American Journal of Epidemiology , 172 (4) , 363-71.

Aiello, A.E. , Kaplan, G.A. (2009). Socioeconomic position and inflammatory and immune biomarkers of cardiovascular disease: applications to the Panel Study of Income Dynamics Biodemography and Social Biology , 55 (2) , 178-205.

Dowd, J.B. and Aiello, A.E. (2009). Socioeconomic differentials in immune response Epidemiology , 20 (6) , 902-8.

Aiello A.E. , Diez-Roux A., Noone A.M., Ranjit N., Cushman M., Tsai M.Y., Szklo M. (2009). Socioeconomic and psychosocial gradients in cardiovascular pathogen burden and immune response: the multi-ethnic study of atherosclerosis. Brain, Behavior, and Immunity , 23(5) , 663-71.

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