Printing tips

Printing tips
IIS maintains a set of print servers to enable the use of shared printers. To connect to a shared printer from a computer running Windows 7, follow these instructions or submit a help request.

To troubleshoot printing, first check the basics: ensure the printer is on, connected to the network, has correctly installed paper trays, has paper, has ink.

Gibberish printing occurs when the printer cannot properly interpret the data stream reaching it and prints garbage text and random white space. We see this problem most commonly with PDF printing. To stop a job that just keeps printing, open the paper trays, then power the printer off & on and return the paper trays to their normal position. Try printing again; if the document was a PDF, choose ‘Print As Image’ (under Advanced). If the problem persists, submit a help request.
Purchasing a new printer
Unfortunately, not all printers can be put on the servers. The printer must be network capable (have an Ethernet port). There are also certain models that are known to have issues on the print server, including:
• HP Color Laserjet 2600
• HP Color Laserjet 3600
• HP Color Laserjet 3700
• HP Color Laserjet 4525 series
• HP Color Laserjet 3525 series
• HP Laserjet 4515 series
• HP Laserjet 2055 series
• Any printer type labeled ‘All-in-One’

If you are experiencing problems with one of these, we recommend you print to a different printer until you can replace it with a more reliable model. Before you buy a new printer, please consult with your local IT support.