Global Online MPH in Leadership FAQ's


What is the Global Online MPH?
The Global Online Master’s in Public Health (GO MPH™) is a completely online master’s program in Public Health offered by the Gillings School of Global Public Health at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Which department offers the GO MPH™?
The GO MPH™ is one of four MPH tracks offered by the Public Health Leadership Program (PHLP), which is an interdisciplinary program with the goal of preparing practitioners for leadership positions in Public Health.

Who are the best candidates for the GO MPH™?
The GO MPH™ is intended for working professionals around the world who are interested in global public health and (1) have at least a bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) in public health, engineering, pharmacy, science or social sciences, or a degree in a clinical discipline (medicine, nursing, dentistry etc.), or in an engineering science discipline; (2) have 3-5 years of work experience, and (3) are unable to visit the UNC campus at any time during their studies.

Where can I get more information about the GO MPH™?
You can email questions about the GO MPH™ to You may also want to attend one of our online information sessions hosted by the Public Health Leadership Program and GO MPH™ faculty and staff. Please visit our online registration form for more information.

What is the application deadline?
The application deadline for 2017 admissions is January 2, 2017. However, applicants who wish to apply for scholarships, awards and financial assistance should apply no later than December 1, 2016.

I live in the United States. Am I eligible to apply for the GO MPH™?
Absolutely. If you can’t make it to campus and are interested in Global Public Health with a concentration in applied implementation science or water and population health, this is the degree for you.

I live in North Carolina. Am I eligible to apply for the GO MPH™?

I don’t have 3 to 5 years work experience. Am I eligible to apply for the GO MPH™?
You are eligible to apply, but priority will be given to students with work experience. A better option for you might be to learn more about public health by enrolling in the Online Certificate in Core Public Health Concepts. The courses from this certificate are completely transferable to the Leadership MPH (but not to the GO MPH™) and will give you a chance to build your professional credentials.

My work schedule will require me to be flexible in the number of courses I take each semester? Does the GO MPH™ offer this flexibility?
The GO MPH™ requires you to make a commitment to take two courses a semester (including summer) for two years. If you need more flexibility, you should also explore the Online Leadership MPH  with the global health concentration to see if it is a better fit for you.

I am interested in global health. Is the GO MPH™ the only degree that allows me to learn about this field?
There are several opportunities to learn about global health at UNC. You can pursue a global health concentration as part of the online Leadership MPH. If you are just interested in global health courses but not a MPH, the Online Global Health Certificate is a 9-credit graduate certificate focusing on global health.

I know that the two concentration areas are Applied Implementation Science and Water and Population Health. Are there other areas that are available?
For the first couple of years (2015-2017), these are the only two areas that are available, but more areas are likely to be developed in the future.

Can I take some courses from one concentration area and some from the other?
The new MPH competencies require students to take at least four courses in a concentration area, but you can select courses from another concentration area as electives.

How much does it cost to complete the GO MPH™?
Tuition and Fees are set annually by the North Carolina legislature. Click here for information on 2016-2017 tuition and fees (page 8). To get the estimated cost for the entire program, find the cost per credit for tuition and fees for the Off-Campus Public Health Leadership Program (PUBX). The GO MPH™ requires 42 credits, so simply multiply the cost per credit hour by 42, keeping in mind that tuition rates may vary from year to year and some courses may require additional fees. For more information, please contact the UNC Finance Division.

Is financial aid available?
There are two competitive scholarships just for applicants to this program that will provide some financial assistance. In addition, a limited number of competitive scholarships are available in the School of Public Health.

What is the integrated core curriculum?
The integrated core meets the requirements for the new 2014 Core Competencies for Public Health Professionals released last year by the Association of Schools and Programs of Public Health (ASPPH). Instead of taking separate courses on the core concepts of Public Health required for all students, the integrated core weaves these concepts together so that students learn the interdisciplinary skills required to solve global public health problems. In 2015, three of the core courses will be integrated and two (epidemiology and biostatistics) will stand alone.

Can PHLP Certificate Course credits be transferred into the GO MPH™?
Some can.  Here is the list, by Certificate:

Core Concepts in Public Health–EPID 600 and BIOS 600 transfer in, and one of the other courses can count as an elective
Field Epidemiology–EPID 600 transfers in, and one of the other EPID courses as an elective
Global Health Online–PUBH 714 transfers in, and either PUBH 711 or 712 as an elective
Public Health Leadership–may transfer in one elective
Occupational Health Nursing–may transfer one elective; however, if EPID 600 was taken, may transfer both EPID 600 and one additional course as an elective.

Who should I contact for more information on the GO MPH™?
Please email any questions to or call 919-966-1784.