Digital Histology & Quantitative Analysis Lab

The Digital Histology & Quantitative Analysis Lab provides assistance and training for the use of the Aperio ScanScope CS Digital Slide Scanner & Spectrum Plus Software.

The Aperio CS Scanner will allow users the ability to electronically capture and store images from pathology slides. The scanner can take digital images of whole slides up to 40X. All Tiff/JPEG images and analysis occurs through a connection using our secure 3.5 TB server so users can view and analyze slides in the “cloud” from any computer, anywhere, including real time collaborative sharing.


Dr. MakowskiLiza Makowski, PhD, Lab Director

Associate Professor
Department of Nutrition
T: (919) 843-4348

Service Request Form

To request digital histology & quantitative analysis services, please complete the online service request form. For more information about the lab, please contact Liza Makowski, PhD, Lab Director