Research Facilitation Program

Our Research Facilitation Program provides bioinformatics and metabolomics support to our members for nutrition and obesity-related clinical and translational research.


Investigation and comparison of normal and abnormal metabolisms are critical for nutrition and obesity research. One of the approaches to studying metabolism is to conduct metabolomics and systems biology studies. Generally, researchers use two types of metabolomics methods, metabolic profiling and targeted metabolomics. Both methods usually generate complex data. As a result, computational algorithms and informatics capability are needed to process data in order to assign biological meaning. The NORC works with the following research partners to support bioinformatics:

  • UNC-Charlotte Bioinformatics Services Division


Metabolomics, the profiling of the many small molecules in blood, urine or tissues, provides an opportunity for investigators to obtain a snapshot of metabolism. Several commercial and academic metabolomics platforms exist. An investigator needs to select the platform that best fits their needs and budget. Once a platform is selected, samples must be collected properly, and diet, sample collection timing, and storage of samples must be considered. The NORC works with the following research partners to support metabolomic profiling:

  • RTI International – Regional Comprehensive Metabolomics Resource Core
  • David H. Murdock Research Institute & Metabolon