Concierge Home | Biostatistics | Clinical Research The Clinical Research Concierge provides assistance to (a) investigators with little or no clinical research experience and (b) for projects that may or may not have funding or a protocol in place for newly approved or in-progress clinical and translational research studies. Services Developing new study designs and reviewing… Read more »

The NRI Nutritional Biochemistry Core-Kannapolis provides a variety of cutting edge nutritional biochemical analyses for choline and its metabolites, as well as other cellular metabolism and cell analysis techniques. PCR Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) Genotyping for One-Carbon Metabolism Purified DNA from blood or tissues is analyzed by PCR for single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) of your… Read more »

Concierge Home | Biostatistics | Clinical Research The Biostatistics Concierge provides guidance and support to investigators who need assistance with analyzing and interpreting data for nutrition and obesity-related research. Services Data Management Importing datasets from excel into SAS, checking datasets for outliers and logic errors, creating new variables and datasets, updating/maintaining existing datasets as new… Read more »

Partners Home | Bioinformatics | Metabolomics Investigation and comparison of normal and abnormal metabolisms are critical for nutrition and obesity research. One of the approaches to studying metabolism is to conduct metabolomics and systems biology studies. Generally, researchers use two types of metabolomics methods, metabolic profiling and targeted metabolomics. Both methods usually generate complex data…. Read more »

The Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy Lab provides analysis that is used to determine the levels of arsenate, methylated and other organic forms of arsenic in solutions and/or matrices. Services include: Oxidation state-specific analysis of arsenic (aqueous solutions or simple biological matrices) Trivalent and pentavalent arsenic species in aqueous solutions or simple biological matrices (e.g., cell culture… Read more »

The Animal Metabolism Phenotyping Core is a comprehensive, full-service facility that offers technical support and expertise for measuring traits related to energy balance in mouse models of nutritionally relevant disease. The Core provides access to state of the art methods, equipment, and populations to assure a high level of quality control and maximal throughput that… Read more »

The Administrative Core is responsible for the overall business administration and daily management of the UNC NORC. The Core provides comprehensive scientific leadership, research oversight, budgetary management, and administrative support for the research center. In addition to being the supportive structure of the NORC, the Administrative Core is also responsible for: Managing and organizing the… Read more »

The UNC Nutrition Obesity Research Center (UNC NORC) is one of 12 research centers in the country funded by the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases that is specifically designed to provide support and expertise to scientists studying the role of nutrition and obesity in public health. Since the NORC’s inception in… Read more »