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The DHMRI Metabolomics Laboratory is partnering with Metabolon, an industry leader in metabolomics, to provide a range of metabolomic profiling services that quickly deliver actionable data for nutrition and obesity researchers. Metabolon’s expert biochemists, molecular biologists and nutritionists work directly with collaborators to understand investigator research goals, design well-powered metabolomics studies, and interpret the data… Read more »

The Michigan Regional Comprehensive Metabolomics Resource Core (MRC2) offers a wide variety of services to assist investigators at every step of metabolomics research, from study design, sample collection, data analysis and interpretation of data.  Services include well developed targeted and untargeted metabolomics platforms, lipidomics, and fluxomics, as well as statistical and bioinformatics tools to for… Read more »

The Bioinformatics Services Division (BiSD) at UNC Charlotte provides a wide range of bioinformatics services for nutrition and obesity-related research. Located on the NC Research Campus in Kannapolis, their experienced team is adept at analyzing and interpreting the volumes of data produced by today’s genomic technologies. Whether you are just considering a new project and… Read more »

Our Research Facilitation Program provides bioinformatics and metabolomics support to our members for nutrition and obesity-related clinical and translational research. Bioinformatics Investigation and comparison of normal and abnormal metabolisms are critical for nutrition and obesity research. One of the approaches to studying metabolism is to conduct metabolomics and systems biology studies. Generally, researchers use two… Read more »

RTI International is offering the opportunity for our members to collaborate with their metabolomics experts to discover biomarkers, reveal mechanistic insights, synthesize metabolite standards, determine characteristics of exposure, and receive training in metabolomics as it relates to nutrition and/or obesity research. Services Study Design Consultation Review literature to determine relevancy, level of innovation, and likelihood… Read more »

Partners Home | Bioinformatics | Metabolomics Metabolomics, the profiling of the many small molecules in blood, urine or tissues, provides an opportunity for investigators to obtain a snapshot of metabolism. Several commercial and academic metabolomics platforms exist. An investigator needs to select the platform that best fits their needs and budget. Once a platform is… Read more »

The Metabolomics laboratory is located in the Center for Drug Safety Sciences at the Hamner Institutes for Health Sciences, 13 miles away from UNC in Research Triangle Park, and houses a 600MHz NMR system. This instrument has four probes that allow different types of analyses.  The inverse detection probe is used for standard biofluid samples. … Read more »

The National Institutes of Health requires investigators to cite our grant in all publications, posters, press releases, proposals, abstracts, and/or presentations resulting from the use of any of our services.  Our productivity and effectiveness as a Center is measured in part by the citation of the grant in your published work. Please use the following… Read more »

The Diet, Physical Activity and Body Composition Core  offers methodological expertise to investigators at UNC and across the nation for studies in human populations. This expertise assures that scientists use the latest cutting-edge methods in diet, physical activity, and body composition assessment in their research studies, and allows them to share the infrastructure (trained personal,… Read more »