Core Services


The Administrative Core is responsible for the overall business administration and daily management of the UNC NORC.

Our Concierge Services provide consultation support for the development, design and implementation of biostatistics and clinical research in nutrition and obesity clinical and translational research.

The Diet, Physical Activity and Body Composition Core offers methodological resources and expertise to promote the science of nutrition, physical activity and body composition assessment in human populations.

The Nutritional Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Core provides cutting edge nutritional biochemistry methods and molecular biology techniques.

The NRI Nutritional Biochemistry Core-Kannapolis provides a variety of cutting edge nutritional biochemical analyses for fatty acids, choline and its metabolites, as well as other cellular metabolism and cell analysis techniques.

The Nutrition Communication for Health Applications and Interventions (CHAI) Core offers contemporary techniques and resources for the development of behavioral science interventions aimed at health promotion and disease prevention.

The Animal Metabolism Phenotyping Core provides state of the art phenotyping techniques for metabolism and energy balance in mouse models of nutrition and disease.


The Atomic Absorption Spectrometry Lab provides analysis that is used to determine the levels of arsenate, methylated and other organic forms of arsenic in solutions and/or matrices.

The Digital Histology & Quantitative Analysis Lab provides assistance and training for the use of the Aperio ScanScope CS Digital Slide Scanner & Spectrum Plus Software.

Research Partnerships

The UNC NORC works with a variety of Research Partners to provide bioinformatics and metabolomics support to our research base members.