NORC Diet and Physical Activity Core


Welcome to our collaborative effort.

The Nutrition Obesity Research Center’s Diet and Physical Activity Assessment Core and UNC Healthcare’s Nutrition Research Kitchen & Metabolic Support Service have come together to streamline our services for convenience, and to illustrate how our services can complement your research for a successful outcome. We know it takes a lot of effort to create and secure funding to do research. We invite you to explore our site. Here you will get to know our team, the services we provide along with our experience. We look forward to assisting you with your research.

Future Seminars

“Monitored. Comparing Physical Activity Wearables”

presented by Derek Hales
Monday, March 7
11 a.m.
2308 McGavran-Greenberg Hall

Interested in learning more about wearable activity monitors? Join us as Dr. Hales speaks about his experience comparing consumer-based activity trackers to Actigraph©.

“Time-varying Model for Longitudinal Data Measured with Error: Applications for Analyzing Physical Activity and Sleep”

presented by Victor Kipnis
Monday, April 11
11 a.m.
2308 McGavran-Greenberg Hall

“Energy Balance and Beyond: The Power and Limits of Dietary Data”

presented by Walter Willett
Wednesday, April 20
10 a.m.
Blue Cross and Blue Shield Auditorium (0001 Michael Hooker Research Center)